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Sasquatch In British Columbia

Early reports in British Columbia were the first to call attention to the possible existence of sasquatch, and such reports have persisted for over two hundred years. This work covers the earliest history of the province to the present day, and draws upon the findings of all major sasquatch researchers in British Columbia and information […]

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Math Goggles: Teaching Kids

A collection of field-tested activities for children that integrate mathematics into the world of the visual arts. Serving as the focal point for each mathematics activity is the work of a famous modern artist – Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, Georgie O’Keefe, and many more. After learning brief biographical and anecdotal information abou…
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Everyday Lebanese Cooking

Mona Hamadeh grew up in the Shouf mountains, south-east of Beirut, where every family owns their own land and grows their own fresh fruit and vegetables. There she learnt all she needed to know from her mother and grandmother about cooking Lebanese food, which has a reputation for being the healthiest in the world. After […]

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Sewing Circles and war – a review of Christina Lamb’s Afghanistan memoir

War isn’t beautiful “War wasn’t beautiful at all. It was the ugliest thing I had ever seen and it made me do the ugliest thing I had ever done. The real story of war wasn’t about the firing and the fighting, some Boy’s Own adventure of goodies and baddies. It wasn’t about sitting around in […]

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Of miscegenation, race and redemption – two South African novels

“Miscegenation – n. The inter-breeding of people of different races. – Origin C19: formed irregularly from L. miscere ‘to mix’ + genus ‘race’ + -ation (Concise Oxford English Dictionary)” “Unrestrained sexual intercourse between the black and the white races is … a crime of great magnitude, for it is the self…
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Blind Man’s Bluff – Aidan Higgins

Blind Man’s Bluff measures no more than 60 pages, many of which are filled with old photographs, collages and scribbled portraits. Continue reading

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Leaving The Atocha Station – Ben Lerner

“My inability to grasp or be grasped by the poem in Spanish so resembled my inability to grasp or be grasped by the poem in English that I felt, in this respect, like a native speaker.” Continue reading

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Philosophy and life—an inescapable connection

Philosophy is often regarded as impractical, something separate from “real life”—whatever that might be! Actually, as author Edward Craig writes in the interesting book Philosophy – a very short introduction (Oxford, 2002): “In fact philosophy is extremely hard to avoid, even with conscious effort.” Craig makes this claim because, a…
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From Apartheid to Zaamheid – a book review

In the midst of the furore of the Limpopo textbook crisis and the gloom of the world’s economic failures a book arrived serendipitously on my desk and helped to keep my spirits positive. From Apartheid to Zaamheid is a readable and practical book about making a difference, being a positive force for change in South […]

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Book Review: The Great Explorer

Dublin based illustrator Chris Judge won the Irish Children’s Book Award last year for his debut The Lonely Best and … Continue reading

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