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Irish Academic Press Launches New History Imprint

The Irish Hellfire Clubs
The Irish Hellfire Clubs
The Irish Hellfire Clubs

Lovers of Irish history will be in for a treat as 2012 sees the unveiling of a new Irish history book imprint from Irish Academic Press.

Named Merrion, and using a Dublin doorway as its logo, the new imprint seeks to produce exciting and powerful popular history in paperback at an accessible price.  The books will be illustrated and driven by high quality writing and research. The first two titles will be released in May, followed by three more in the autumn of 2012.


Returning Home: Irish Ex-Servicemen after the Second World War by Bernard Kelly is based on interviews with surviving veterans and drawing on a wide array of archival sources, and explores how Irish ex-servicemen coped with the difficult task of reintegration into Irish civilian society. Kelly poignantly details their impact on government policy, their economic difficulties and struggles with psychological problems, the vexed issue of Remembrance and the treatment of deserters from the Irish forces.

Blackguards & Blasphemers: The Irish Hellfire Clubs by David Ryan vividly brings to life the arcane and sinister nature the ‘hellfire clubs’, six of which are known to have existed in Ireland at different times in the eighteenth century and included a violent upper-class gang known as the Pinkindindies, who carried out assaults, rapes and robberies in Temple Bar with virtual impunity. Coming at a time when Irish society is all too conscious of the negative effects of hedonism and excess, this book is a timely and pioneering look at one of the most enigmatic subjects in Irish history.


Tom Clarke in his Own Words by Gerard MacAtasney

His Grace is Displeased: Selected Correspondence of Archbishop McQuaid

Edited by Clara Cullen and Margaret O hOgartaigh

Glenveagh Mystery: The Life, Work and Disappearance of Arthur Kingsley Porter by Lucy Costigan

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