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Doris Lessing 1919 – 2013

Doris Lessing

Doris Lessing

It was a great loss to hear of the death of Doris Lessing, however she had lived a great and creative life in her 94 years.

Lessing won the Nobel-prize for Literature in 2007 for her books, among more than 50 and most noticeably The Golden Notebook and The Grass is Singing. Her works covered subjects from politics to science fiction.

Born as Doris May Tayler in Kermanshah, Iran (then called Persia) on October 22, 1919 to parents of British Nationality, before moving to the British colony of Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe) in 1925. Educated at the Dominican Convent High School in Salisbury till the age of 14. Thereafter, Lessing was self-educated and at 15 began reading material on politics and sociology, while also showing an interest in writing.

Lessing will be remembered as an intellect, who lived her life as closely as possible to her rules, while leaving us with a legacy of books to gain from.

The Grass Is Singing was a book I could identify with, having lived in S0uth Africa as well as visiting the areas spoken of in the book. Most powerful without gloss.

Doris Lessing died in London on the 17th November 2013

Author: Gavin Doyle

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