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Book Purchasing Reaches Digital Tipping Point

New research from Deloitte on attitudes to the consumption of media shows that the average UK household spends £900 on media a year, with one off purchases such as books, DVDs and newspapers representing 52% of their total media spend. The new report 'The Digital Divide' paints a snapshot of a typical media consumer, their newspaper reading habits, attitudes to video gaming, social networking, and television viewing behaviours. (more…)
Wacko Hacko By Nasser Hashmi
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Wacko Hacko by Nasser Hashmi

Tabloid reporter Jamie Parkes makes up stories, secretly listens to voicemail and uses material from the bins of celebrities and MPs. But after one of his major stories is spiked by scheming editor Warren Fitton, he turns whistleblower to uncover phone hacking and corruption on his newspaper. His whistleblower status turns into an epic battle for survival as the state, police and media hunt him down. Once a seasoned reporter,

Explosion waiting to happen

Stable ranging is an explosion waiting to happen Here are a few highlights of the abundant practical advice on technical analysis he gives in his book… This article continues on from the first article: Keys to Improving Your Investment Profits Trends: Correctly judging these – the ones to ride with, and the ones that suggest [...]The ... TheBizSense Views » Books

Get Off the Sofa and Sing

How to Get Off the Sofa and Sing Like a Professional (Opera) Singer is by the author, broadcaster and singer Robert Little. Robert says: “It’s now some time since I decided I wanted to learn how to sing. It took me about ten years to pluck up the courage and find the opportunity to begin...

Trekking in Peru

In 1973, Hilary and George Bradt were told about an old Inca road leading from Cusco’s Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu. They hiked it, explored the ruins and published the first ever description of the Inca Trail in 1974. Backpacking Along Ancient Ways in Peru and Bolivia became the first Bradt guide and 40 years [...]