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Why Kafka is not Kafkaesque

franz kafka

Paul Johnston’s readable ebook, Why Kafka is not Kafkaesque, offers an interesting and fun introduction to the mysterious world of Franz Kafka. [Read more…]

Why Kafka Is Not Kafkaesque

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Peter Usborne To Receive Lifetime Award

Peter Usborne

The London Book Fair is pleased to announce that the twelfth annual Lifetime Achievement Award in International Publishing will be awarded to Peter Usborne, Founder and Managing Director of Usborne Publishing. [Read more…]

The Playboy Princes

the playboy princes

Controversial Royal Family members is not necessarily only a feature of late 20th or 21st century life. Although they were not subjected to the intense media scrutiny that our Royals are today, two Princes of Wales and two namesakes have captured the fevered imaginations of the public in their wilder early days – later to become Edward VII and Edward VIII respectively. [Read more…]

Cat Walk for Cat Lovers

Cat Walk by Jackie Morris

Cat Walk is a must-have publication for all cat and nature lovers.

Internationally renowned illustrator and author,  Jackie Morris, lives in a small house by the sea with her son and daughter, two dogs and a pride of feline friends. [Read more…]

Mandela book drive

books south africa

Children in schools around Gauteng will be able to share the rich story of former President Nelson Mandela, thanks to a book drive by the provincial Education Department. [Read more…]

Crossing Borders book signing

crossing borders

Following on from a successful appearance at the Hay Festival, best-selling author Julia Gregson and photographer Alex Pownall, will be signing copies of their new book, Crossing Borders, at Chepstow Library, July 10, 7pm. [Read more…]

Book Purchasing Reaches Digital Tipping Point

media consumption

New research from Deloitte on attitudes to the consumption of media shows that the average UK household spends £900 on media a year, with one off purchases such as books, DVDs and newspapers representing 52% of their total media spend. The new report ‘The Digital Divide’ paints a snapshot of a typical media consumer, their newspaper reading habits, attitudes to video gaming, social networking, and television viewing behaviours. [Read more…]

The First Men In The Moon

The First Men In The Moon

H G Wells ‘The First Men In The Moon’: The Story Of The 1919 Film By Robert Godwin

In 1919 the Gaumont Motion Picture Studio created the first movie to ever be based entirely on a famous science fiction novel. [Read more…]

The First Men In The Moon (S.F. MASTERWORKS)

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The Age of Oversupply

age of supply

Easy Credit in an Age of Oversupply

American investment banker Daniel Alpert argues in his new book* that there are only four solutions to an unsustainable debt problem: [Read more…]

Wacko Hacko by Nasser Hashmi

Wacko Hacko By Nasser Hashmi

Tabloid reporter Jamie Parkes makes up stories, secretly listens to voicemail and uses material from the bins of celebrities and MPs. But after one of his major stories is spiked by scheming editor Warren Fitton, he turns whistleblower to uncover phone hacking and corruption on his newspaper. His whistleblower status turns into an epic battle for survival as the state, police and media hunt him down. Once a seasoned reporter, but now a wanted man, Jamie Parkes becomes the scapegoat for discrediting the tabloid empire. [Read more…]